1/72 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf-109G

@Joaquin That comes with some responsibility, I hope I’ll be able to live up to it :slight_smile: !

I’m back after skiing over the New Year, all in one piece and no bones broken :grin: !

Edges around the cannon port panels are tricky parts on these models, these are the G-5 and the G-6. The earlier variants have separate gun throughs that are also a bit make it or break it but this is slightly worse I think. I masked around the edges and used acrylic putty that was allowed to settle for a few days. I’m quite fond of using black CA for these kinds of jobs but it settles a lot harder and is a bit more difficult to sand so this is a good compromise.

After a bit of sanding and polishing. Looks good but the moment of truth is really not until primer hits the plastic :slight_smile: !

Lessons learned from my earlier F-builds! I glue ailerons and flaps against the upper wing halves, hiding potential mismatches on the lower surfaces, well out of sight :grin: .

Every now and then I need to count them, they are sneaky little buggers. For the time being, it looks like everyone is here! L to R G-2, G-6, G-5 och G-4 (sorry, I asked them to sort themselves but maths isn’t their forte…).