1/72 Flyhawk M1A2 Sep

I would to share my finished Flyhawk M1A2 SEP. Hope you like it.



That is an outstanding build! You’ve done a great job. I like the display base as well. The Flyhawk kit is great. The level of detail rivals the larger scales. Your depiction of one in the sand color camouflage is very well done.

I’m building my own 1/72 scale Flyhawk M1A2 SEP. See here: M1A2 SEPV3 - 1/72 scale kitbash I just finished it a couple of days ago, so will have photos posted this weekend.


Thanks for the feedback, Erik. I checked out your post and you did a wonderful job. I especially like the scratch building and details you have done to the model. The finished on the tanker is excellent. I am looking forward to the finished model.

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