1/72 gato revell platinum

Does anyone know where find one want buy one this thur put they are no where to be found

Welcome. I do not know. However, most of what the Platinum edtition gives you (and more) can be found in the Eduard “Big Ed” set. The Eduard set does not include turned barrels, a bell, or a few other items. but I’ve always found turned barrels to be a bit of a crutch. The “Big Ed” set is not for the faint of heart, but it will yield fantastic results, and it is readily available online.
If you really want to challenge yourself, get the WEM 1/72 Gato Class Conning Tower Details (PE 7240) to go with it. You’ll definitely want it if you cut down the fairwater, which every boat had done to some extent once it saw any amount of service.