1/72 Hasegawa F-117A

Ready to mask and paint as soon as masks arrive, ordered canopy masks today.


On the way, as if I need more projects!!! Anyways I built an Italeri 1/72 Blackbird for my son and now need one for myself. This should be here next week, 1/72 Italeri-Testors SR-71A/B.

Looking good!! That cockpit looks fantastic! I find myself looking for precut canopy masks more and more these days! I put it down to changing eyesight and not wanting to spend the hours it can take to mask by hand LOL.

I know right?? Who needs more projects? I find I’m always finding more projects for myself, I have a (coughs) small number of projects waiting in the wings not to mention the various commission builds I’ve got to work through! Good luck and I look forward to the results!!

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c4-been there , done that. I have more kits awaiting finish than I have fingers and toes!