1/72 Kamov KA-29

Hi folks,

just finished this Zvezda kit, (before some people get on their soapbox about the war in Ukraine i bought this kit many years ago and don’t view it’s purchase as funding the current conflict).

it’s not bad, their is no point detailing the cockpit or creating a troop compartment as you can’t see much through the windows.

the double rotorblades was a little fiddly to build and the rocket pod attachments aren’t great.


Great work!I love unguided rocket projectile a lot. Don’t be so serious about whose production~ Modelling is borderless.
Nobody will figure out where the model company owner really spend this money on,Russian chocolate ,American Cola,or even alien spaceship🛫


it’s good to see you are so open minded but there is a small minority that thinks we should boycott every product coming out of Russia.

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Looks great. It’s not an easy kit and the rotor mast is less than ideal.

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That just looks like a difficult kit- the double rotors, the glazing at the front, the landing gear and those tricky looking wing stubs! It’s a mighty fine job you’ve done with it I think- the grey camo and details look great with the various details picked out with skill. Particularly the individual rocket heads!

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@Karl187 yeah the front wheels are very delicate and need to be removed from the sprues with great care.

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Very nicely done!
Have to admit I’ve always thought Kamov’s contra-rotating helicopters were very cool looking. Many moons ago I had the old Airfix KH-25 hanging from bedroom ceiling. Built for me by a relative.

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It’s an ugly little thing, but you did great!!!

it’s like a lot of Russian stuff it’s F-UGLY but some how they’re appealing.


true by nature!