1/72 MIG-21 LANCER (Eduard+Lcaerodesign resin upgrade)

here is my build of an Eduard MIG-21 LANCER with some resin upgrades from Lcaerodesign
Of course I have started with the cockpit

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And here is how I have painted and fit it inside the plastic kit
As you can see the upgrade kit comes with two main front pannels for Air to Air and Air to Ground version

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Here you can see other exterior details included in the upgrade attached to the kit


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Thanks for sharing. You’re doing some nice work on it.

I’ve been eyeing these Eduard MIG kits. How is the fit?

The kit is a pleasure to build it fits very well…if you pay attention to seams and dont use too much glue you almost dont need sanding (use Mr Cement SP)
Speaking about resin minor adjustement to the cokpit but depends how tight are you joining the fuselaje.

Please note the correct position of the Chaff&Flare dispensers

And here is the first paint after a black preshade.