1/72 p47 nmf

Since I had a little time until the rising sun campaign starts i decided to gain some more experience with NMF. to date i have only done one metal finish aircraft, a f 86 saber and it came out pretty good. i didn’t really weather it though, it’s not shiny aluminum but not dull and weathered either. i used alcad aluminum over grey primer not gloss black and no flat clear over top either.
this time i want to try for a weathered dull war warn thunderbolt. i plan to use a grey primer again but this time dull aluminum or weathered aluminum. can anyone tell me the difference? right now i only have the dull in my stock and probably go with that anyway since this is just a quick practice build of a kit that was collecting dust on the shelf. but for future builds it would be good to know.

i usually do not build 1/72 but i have to say this is the best result of cleaning and sanding join lines i ever did. don’t know if you can tell in the photos but there is no sign of unwanted lines.

this is the aircraft i will be doing. i didn’t want to spend a lot on this build but i didn’t like the decals that came with the kit (academy). i wanted to do it in flight but the only option is wheels down and there is no pilot in the kit.

i didn’t realize when i ordered the decals that the version i want to do had a strake on the fuselage so i managed to make one and surprised myself with how good it came out.

it’s primed and ready for paint. no blemishes anywhere. this will be my first time doing invasion stripes too. i have an idea how to do them just need to figure out the widths in scale. i will hopefully get to paint this weekend, see you soon.

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Nice work Joe, always up for a P-47 build!

Cheers, D

Sorry fro the long delay but i’ve been working on it. this is my first build with invasion stripes. i think they came out good. need some touchups then clear, decals and wash/weathering.

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Looking fabulous so far!!