1/72 Platinum edition Flower class

Does anyone have and is willing to part with, or know where I can buy a Revell 1/72 Platinum edition Flower class corvette? Everyplace I can find is sold out. I’m willing to pay up to $200 for this kit which I want to get myself as a christmas present, and a for getting myself through my first semester of highschool… :sweat_smile: So if anyone has one to sell or knows where to find one I would appreciate it.

Seems to be one for sale (auction) in Maidenhead

I just checked it out! Its a amazing price so I will try to snipe it at the last second.

Happy hunting! I’ll steer clear.
I was a little tempted but I would go for the Technic edition instead.
Brass barrels and wooden decking is easier to fix by other methods.
Especially since weather decks have camber so if I wanted wood
covered decks for realism I would be more worried about the camber.

Wow, that old Matchbox mould has been given some life over the years. Hope you get it Ezra.

Strange to hear someone only complete a semester of High School this time of year. Here in Australia, all our High schoolers have finished for their respective full year…

PS. Have you received those Scimitar tracks yet? It has been a while now…

Yah I hope I get it as well seems like a fun build. Im a freshman right now and our school year started in August. No I haven’t gotten the tracks yet but dont worry Ive gotten stuff from Australia before and it takes about 3-4 months.

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Someone correct me if Im wrong but isnt the Revell kit a reboxing of the Matchbox kit?

Matchbox -> Revell rebox -> Revell rebox -> Revell rebox -> Revell rebox, … to be continued

err. Ezra… yes,… that is what I said a few posts earlier:

Wow, that old Matchbox mould has been given some life over the years. Hope you get it Ezra.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Welp thats what I get for not paying enough attention before I asked. Sorry Peter. :joy: :joy:

Im now the proud owner of that Platinum edition Flower class corvette! Thanks for the link and your help Robin and Peter!

Congratulations! :smile:
What was the winning bid?

It was £143 so about $190 so a reasonably good price! I should hopefully get it in around 2 weeks!

Congrats Ezra. I hope it turns out to be what you expected. Enjoy the build.

Thanks Peter, Im planning on doing a build log for it so look out for that!

The hull sections, starboard/port & fore/aft are joined with overlaps where alternate plating strakes meet fore and aft of the joint.
When I built the Matchbox version back in the early 1980’ies I had a lot of work sanding the thickness of the overlaps to get a reasonable step in the lengthwise joints of the plating strakes.
Take a good look at it when joining the fore & aft sections. I recommend lots of dryfitting …

Will do! Should I make a separate thread for the build or continue it on here?

Your choice. I don’t think there is any tag or other marker to indicate that a topic is a build blog.

I guess I can start a new topic so I can specify what boat Im building.

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