1/72 Revell S-100 class W/ Griffon PE

Ok today I just got the Revell 1/72 and cracked it open! The sprues are very nice and almost flash free, and all the parts have very nice detail. I will probably start building some small subassemblies but not glueing anything because im still waiting on the griffon PE set which is coming from china… (who knows how long thats gonna take.) Anyways some pics!

The PE set for it


Nice move Ezra :slightly_smiling_face:
Following with interest.

This will be a fun one, Ezra, I’m looking forward to watching the whole come together. I hope you decide to put her in the water. Those S-boats look fast - even sitting on the cradle!


Hi Ezra, I started a topic on this model on my own website as a building project. http://model-maniac.nl/projects_page_019.html. Maybe some info you can use ? If so put a request in the contact form on http://model-maniac.nl. looking forward to share experience. CU Arie

Thank you for the offer Arie! This build will have way more PE then im used to so this will be a fun build! :grinning:
( I ordered the set on Oc.1 and its the 25 so hopefully I should get it soon.)


this looks like a pretty cool kit, looking forward to your b build log and I am in and following!


Thanks for tagging alone Jan! Cant wait to post more on the build! :smile: