1/72 scale M1114 Humvee «diorama»

This is Dragon’s 1/72 scale M1114. The set comes with two vehicles and I built the first one years ago. I like this little kit, it is easy to build and well detailed for this scale. The whole project ended up being a «scrap yard» build, since I had lost some parts and had to improvise a bit. During the build I decided to make a small base/diorama for it. Everything on the base is scratch built, mostly from scrap bits of Evergreen styrene. The «olive tree» is made from copper wire covered in putty and the leaf is made from different Woodland Scenics products.
The soldiers are white metal figures I found in a drawer and I don’t remember the brand. I tried to paint them with ACU camoflage. First I airbrushed them in a sandy color followed by dabbing on dark- and light gray color with a small spunge. After some washes and dry brushing I think they came out ok for such a small scale. I could have done more detailing to the vehicle but initially this was ment to be a quick weekend project.


Have you tried the T Model M1114? Extremely fiddly, and with about 4 X Revell’s parts, but also very good looking when finished.
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