1/72 to HO?

I know HO is aligned to 1/87 but how hard would it be to build an armored train on top of HO flat cars? I had this idea of modifying a soviet armored train and running it on HO track. Has anyone done this or have experience with this?

Russian/Soviet railroad tracks are wider than the European standard gauge so it might look strange.
The armour would be extra wide due to the scale difference and then it would look even wider because of the track width difference.
The scale difference is a factor 1.21 so the armoured carriages would be 21 % too wide.

The Russian gauge is 1520 mm and the European is 1435, 1520/1435 = 1.06 which would push the HO wheels even further in from the correct position in relation to the carriage sides.

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@Robin_Nilsson i tried modifying a kit one time with spare HO wheels and noticed that it wasn’t centered and ultimately lost interest, i was also a lot younger when i did this. Someone in the past recommended using spare HO flat cars as a base and building on/ around them. I figured this would be a better shot at any rather then my previous attempt. Would a German train have a better chance?

An armoured train built for European gauge would be less “off” than one designed for the Russian (or Spanish) wider gauge, The scale discrepancy would still be there …
Maybe the scale discrepancy is less obvious when it is an oddball type like an armoured train, very few know how wide or narrow they are. As long as they don’t collide with objects beside the tracks like tunnel entrances …
Have you checked the market for H0 armoured trains? Scratchbuilding?


Cardboard models are cheaper…


Card models can be used as templates for cutting styrene …

Indeed… :slightly_smiling_face:


I say gauge aside which you probably need custom track anyway put it on a flat car, it would look cool.

I have been thinking about using an old HO track for my UM 1/72 DT-45 diorama.


@Tank_1812 i was looking at using one of the UM sets to build it. Last attempt fell short when i Elliot interest and i found it hard to center the spare HO wheels and axles i had. Someone on finescale recommended I try using a flatcar to build off of. It may be easier if i do it off a German armored train

@Frenchy thanks for the link, I didn’t know there were actual kits out there for HO or at least built ones!

If I where to make my kit for a HO track, I probably just switch out the wheels for HO wheels and call it a day. I would test without adding the top but I don’t think it would be an issue through a curve given the short wheel base.

@Tank_1812 i agree that’d be a big issue

Hi Gregory,

Short answer, Yes.

Long answer, I did just this with a Soviet Draisine “Krasnaja Zvezda” kit from Hobby Boss. I built it so I can remove the 1/72 carriage and trucks and assemble it on top of n HO Track Cleaner.
The entire WIP BLog link is at the top of the first post there.

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@kosprueone this was the only kit i was able to be somewhat successful with and that’s why i had this idea with a whole train and just didn’t know what i was doing. I think I still have my first attempt with that railcar at my childhood home.

Making a whole train like this is a great idea.

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