1/72 Vespid Jagdpanther

Hi all,

I always wanted to build a diorama with some sort of city ruins. Here is my attempt in 72nd scale. Vespid Jagdpanther built OOB. Figures from Caesar and Preiser. I used Dollar Store foam board to construct the ruin building.


Nice job, I’m a big fan of small compact dioramas. The brickwork looks very nice, as does the whole build.
Cracking little scene with loads of nice detail. :+1:

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the kind words.

Vespid rules!! They’re the new Dragon (only better) in 1/72. Their new Centurion is fantastic.
:smiley: :canada:

Very nice dynamic little scene … very well finished and the building is done very nicely from scratch :+1:

Thanks Leo. I was also tempted to get the Centurion. I am holding off right now, hoping they will release an Israeli version with ERA later. But I will definitely buying the Leopard 7A+. :grinning:

Hi John. Thanks for the compliment.

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Did you hand paint the camo? Very neat and realistic job! :+1:
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Marvellous diorama and great Jagdpanther build. :+1: :clap: Vespid definitely looks like they are setting a new upper standard in 1/72 scale models. Have heard positive things about their recent Centurion 5/1 but I’ll wait for them to do a later NATO version. Just got their Leopard 7A+ and it looks positively wonderful and even comes with a metal barrel and PE.

Jan :beers:

Leo, I masked the tank with AK masking putty. It is time consuming and if the PE is not securely glued, it may pull the PE off when you try to remove the putty. Overall, I think it is worth it.

Hi Jan, I’m glad you like the build. Thanks for the feedback on the Leopard.

Yeah. I used “Silly Putty”, or “Nutty Putty” a couple of times for the same purpose, but it also tended to pull off small PE bits, sometimes not noticeable until too late! I’ve tried “Play Doh”, but the opposite happened - it was insufficiently sticky to stay in place. Now I mostly just hand paint camo in small scale.
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