1:72 workable track and sprocket wheels

Hi everyone!
My nickname is Mike and i would like show my started new brand! I hope you like it!
My site under construction! :slight_smile:


Oh I like where this is going! Are you going to be doing other tank?

Thank you so much! Yes i doing more! :wink:

Hate to be a downer on new things, whilst I like the idea and they look good, do the kit warrant the expenditure of these tracks given the myriad of other problems with the kits, even the T 72 and T 90 that you could use these tracks for have a whole host of other problems to sort out before I would consider the tracks and given that there are plenty of resin replacement tracks out there that are fairly cheap (and easier to work with) I think you are looking at a very niche market. Maybe a better starting point would have been a more accurate model, any of the new models from Vespid or Takom etc could benefit from such tracks, WW2 and German (which is by far the biggest slice of the market) where they seem to buy any aftermarket items may have been a better start? There are many reasons why people build 1/72 cost being one of them, accuracy is not the goal at times, I do it because I like the challenges of improving the kit but cost is a factor.
I might be wrong and I wish you luck.

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This is the begining! :wink: