1/72 Zvesda T-14 Armata

While building a TBMP-15 “Armata” in this forum there have been a few references to the other vehicle of this family of vehicles, the T-14. As I have had this kit since 2019 and did some scans of some of its components I thought that I’d share what I have with the community. The kit comes packaged in the typical Zvezda vehicle fashion with a glossy end opening cover box the contains a top hinged corrugated cardboard box. Inside this second box resides the styrene sprues contained in a plastic bag plus the assembly instructions, a separate finishing sheet and a set of waterslide decals.

The front and back box art:

The finishing sheet:

The decals:


A couple of notes that may be of interest to potential builders:
-The suspension construction of this vehicle is virtually identical to that of its relative the TBMP-15.
-Unlike the TBMP-15 kit the lower hull of this vehicle is a slide-moulded single piece as is the turret top.

If anyone has any questions about this kit I will be happy to try to answer them as best as I can considering I haven’t started to build it yet. :wink:

–Jan :beers:

I had a bit of time (and needed a break from my T-14 BLOG) so I took a few images of the T-14 kit sprues. There are 151 parts and the total length of the model will be 15 cm or 5.9 inches. The hull tub is moulded in one piece as opposed to the T-15 and has more positive locating features for the suspension arms to ease their alignment.

Here are some different images of the bottom hull tub. Unlike the T-15 the T-14 have half moon shaped pegs and holes to make sure all the suspension arms are positively located.

A couple of closer shots of the tracks.

As I mentioned above, if anyone has any further questions about this kit I’ll be happy to answer what I can or even provide a picture if necessary.

–Jan :beer: :beer: :beer: