1/72 Zvezda T-72B3


Very nice Luis, what is the detailing like on the underside of the hull ?

No ideia.

My mistake, I thought you had built one , sorry.

Anything like other Zvezda kits it will be very good

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Yeah I asked as I did their T90 a while ago and the underside is very detailed. I wondered if this 1/72 72 was the same as I was thinking of cutting it in half horizontally above the tracks for a turret up and underside up scene of 2 tanks in a river knocked off a bridge in the Ukraine war.

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Unlike the T 90 which is a little short in the lower hull length, the newer kits from Zvezda have corrected this (but not the T 90 kit) it is unclear whether this uses an early or later lower hull but should be perfectly acceptable upside down.