1/87 auxillary power unit for Leopold K5 rail gun

I’ve got a Rivorassi Leopold rail gun coming to me. Noticed it doesn’t have the unit on back truck that has the generator and crane to load the shells. Does anyone know someone who makes this? I saw someone had made one with 3d printing but it also said not for sale.

Will you show us the Leopold when it arrives? :smiley:

I am sorry but I know of no APU.

Do you have any reference photos of the real thing?
The generator that is.

Looks like all the popular plastic scale models include the APU ~ except the Rivorassi.


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Yea I have that in my reference pile also have a nice closeup of a cad drawing of one. Once I get my Trumpeter kit in and build it I should be able to make one in reasonable scale for the Ho 1/87 all I need will to be able to fill in the spot on the car so I should have width length and height from that. Pretty much a squared off rectangle and just add some panels to it. Should be able to find a crane someplace

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I don’t mean to go off topic but can someone enlighten me on how these guns were trained in azimuth ? Were they emplaced on a turntable ?

Pretty much most of the time or set them on a curve. I understand they were quite accurate.

An update. I was contacted by the program designer Luigi of Jelly models. He cant sell the program on shapeways but is checking into someone else who can help me.