1/9 Scale LTC Vandervoort

Currently working on this large scale figure from RP Models.

The head in this image is just dry fit.
M1 Carbine

Helmet glued on. Think I made the colour a little too light


Some good work you’ve done. I wouldn’t say the helmet is too light- when you do the shadows you can always expand the area a bit and the netting cover, once painted, will break up the color too along with the fabric patches on it.

@Pave-Hawk Iain welcome to the forum!

Looking very good and will be watching for updates!

Finished up, and mounted to a pine base.
The smoke grenade look most like the description of an M15 so painted it up as such and pulled a yellow stripe from my box of spare decals. I didn’t try and do the text markings.
Accidently broke the folding stock of the carbine, and managed to get it to fit in the unfolded position so glued it back that way.


Ive got this one in the stash. Looks great.