1/9 Scale Modern Navy Seal

Starting prepping this 1/9 Scale Modern Navy Seal - Iraq/Afghanistan, from Special Ops Models.
All the parts. Overall pretty good quality, but there were a few airbubbles to deal with. The right thumb and the rifle barrel had particularly obvious holes that needed filling. The kit came with a brass tube which I have already glued into the body to provide a handhold for painting.

Rifle parts, there’s a resin suppressor or a brass flash hider to choose from

The arms get paperclips and the head a brass rod to hold them for painting, and they will also act as joint reinforcement when gluing.
You can see the air bubbles in the right thumb here too.

Assembled the three main parts of the rifle. Just need to decide if I go with the suppressor or flash hider, and get the sight off of its pour stub.


Lovely stuff- Good luck with the painting.

Looking good so far Iain

That looks nice. I have their Firman that produced representing NYFD from 9/11. Great detail on this figure as well.