1/9 Sniper Afghanistan

Currently working on largescale sniper figure and it comes with these pants.

Does Anyone know what type of camo uniform, if any, has pants with the external thigh/groin pockets shown here?
My various searches of BDU, DCU, ACU, and Multicam trousers haven’t turned up anything that shows that pocket layout.


This seems as a Special Ops Model figure? Try searching for SWG BDU.


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Thank you, i figured it was a DCU pattern since the jacket pocket and Velcro matched a DCU pattern jacket i found but i couldn’t for the life of me find a picture of the matching trousers to confirm and i was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a mix and match of camo items.

Here is most of the rest of the parts:

Plus the head:

and the rifle:

Initial flesh tone painting on face and arms


Since the majority of my large scale figures are in DCU I am trying mix things up a little with the body armour, I was going to go multicam, but decide at the last minute to try UCP.
Basecoat, when I originally intended multicam.

Starting the next colour.

Looks a little rough up close, but not awful from a distance.

Hopefully this will look better after the next colour and some weathering.

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So an attempt was made. Not sure how accurate it looks with my unsteady hands, and even wearing my glasses for a change, but it will do to break up the shelf of single camo

And some pouches, not quite finished yet.


Some assembly complete