1) Major Tychsen/ 75mm/ Panzer Art

Who knows me, know that I love 1-25 scale and do everything for this scale.
As a hobby in 2007 I opened thanks to the persuasion of my Friends shop with 1-25 scale models and accessories. Now i produce resin accessories myself, but also import to one place all what can be useful for You. Then the time has come to offer 1-25/1-24/75mm scale resin figures.
At the beginning I will show figures available in the store, and then those from my many years of collections after I opened my magic wardrobe.
Lets start, part 1
The first figure marked as 75mm by Panzer Art, which means a scale of 1-25 for us.
We would like more such figures on the market, but although the quality is followed by a high price.
The figure shows Sturmbannführer Christian Tychsen of the 2nd SS PzGrenDiv “Das Reich” operation “Zitadelle” July 1943.
The set includes 2 heads in a cap and a forage cap. On the major’s chin you will find his characteristic scar, which has also been rendered.
Have a fun!