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10.5cm leFH 16(Sf) auf Geschutzwagen FCM36 (f) WWII German self-propelled howitzer

Model # 35340 Scale 1/35

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/10-5cm-lefh-16-sf-auf-geschutzwagen-fcm36-f

On my wish list! In a world of Tigers, Shermans, Panzer III/IV’s, etc. (all good options; have a few in my stash) I like these unusual offerings that come along.

Very nice! I wonder how this compares with the ICM offering? Anyways, I believe this is one of Major Alfred Becker’s creations. “requisitioning” solid track chasis’ and tractors and modifying to meet the needs of the quick reaction group being formed in France to counter any potential Allied invasion. Anything 21st Panzer Division related is great in my book but I particularly like these vehicles that did the bulk of the German armor response in the opening days of the invasion. I think it’s really interesting stuff.

It is from ICM

This IS the ICM offering. The base kit is nice; I am just wring up a review on it. Simple, and easy to put together.


By that ICM offers now both versions which have been generated on the FCM chassis:
The one with the 7.5cm gun (FCM Marder I) and
the one with the bigger 10.5 cm weapon.

Nice idea and higly appreciated!

I also would like to see the late version of the 15cm gun on the Lorraine chassis with the tall sidewalls.
The early variant already has been released by Panda. This would be an opportunity also for Tamiya as they already released a nice 7.5 cm version.

Looks like they have not bothered to correct the floor. And while there is less information on the 7.5cm version, pictures of the 10.5cm version are conclusive (at least to me) that this floor arrangement as proposed by ICM is incorrect. You would essentially be loading the gun at knee level. Disappointing that ICM didn’t bother trying to correct it, considering all the discussions about the 7.5cm version. And how would you remove the shell casings below the radio?

And the worst part about this is that this is the leFH16 version, so no doubt ICM will release the leFH18 version with the same incorrect floor. 12 were built of each.

Are there reference photos of the interior? It is indeed very strange on the model, but I could not find drawings or photos. A probably fictional rendition in WoT does show a deeper fighting compartment (which would definitely make sense).

There are unfortunately, no clear photos of the interior. There are a few that show the interior, but they are not clear enough. However, there are a number of photos of the vehicles being built, and between these and pictures of crew standing in the vehicles, some extrapolations can be made.

There was a good discussion about the 7.5cm version on ML when that kit was released:

Now it is possible that the 10.5cm version was built different than the 7.5cm one, and it does appear that ICM’s ammo layout on this is a bit better then the 7.5cm one (except for those under the radio), but I still believe that they would not have simply covered the top of the hull when two crew could stand in there and it would make it easier to service the gun.