11ACR Sheridan

This is the Tamiya kit. I scratched the rear turret basket. Replaced the kit barrel with the Tamiya AM one and added the Tamiya screens. Decals from Star or maybe Echelon, don’t remember.


Awesome! Great job all around! Figures too, and nice weathering.

Wow, 4 sweet builds ! Did you finish them all this past year?

Thanks for the kind words guys. Much appreciated.

@Seanmcandrews All except the USMC M60A1.

I have that one in the stash and I see what a remarkable job you’ve done there.

Another great build. I have this one currently on the bench. Hope it ends up looking this good.

Very nicely done- I really like the paintwork and the weathering- plus you have picked out all the stowage nicely- right down to the pioneer tools on the rear deck.

Armorsmith-Very impressed with the build, looks very natural. I’m one who will never build the same vehicle, much less the same kit, twice BUT the Tamiya M551 may be a first.
Of all the things to like about your build, my big question is about the buckles-How did you do that?
Oh-and kit tracks?

To all, thanks for the kind comments. They are much appreciated.

@1Vizsla2Cats Most of the buckles are already molded onto the resin pieces. When not present or making my own straps I cut a small piece of thin plastic strip and glue it to the strap and paint it black.

Wow, great job, simply amazing, chapeau.