12,2cm Kanone K.390 (r) in Bulgarian army

Hello, gentlemen!
My work progress: the cannon is almost ready. The shields of the balancing gear (equilibrators) remain to be made.
I’m thinking of making them from 0.1 mm copper sheet. Trumpeter’s PE has no bending. Even after heat treatment of the PE.
I slightly modified the support and the hooks for fixing the barrel and cradle of the cannon in the travel position. I shortened the first one, and two of the hooks are slightly extended.
Here are some photos.

I’m going to fight the two shields of equilibrators.
Kind regards!


Really looking nice Kalin … That is a monster of a kit…detailing looks very good as well :+1:

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Thank you, John.
I remembered that before I started with the shields of equilibrators, it was good to paint the cannon in a basic color. I lightened slightly on the upper side, but it seefms that it is not enough and after PE, I will repeat.

This is for now.
Cheers. :beer:


Coming along very nicely Kalin.

Hello again!
With some delay I was able to deal with the shields of equilibrators. I made them from copper sheet, which is the better option.

So the cannon is built and painted in its main color.

I added some accessories to the tractor: jerry cans for fuel and water, wooden boxes for ammunition, military equipment and armament.

So far so good. But … I have to remake several figures for the Bulgarian crew of the machine and the cannon. And think about the basis of the model.
Kind regards.


You have done a great job there Kalin, the shields and copper sheet make a big difference and the finished paint looks great. The extra detailing on the tractor with the stowage and the canvas roof in the up position look lovely. Well done, looks amazing :+1:

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Fantastic Kalin. You did a great job with that copper! This is going be an excellent dio when it all comes together.


It is all beautiful work . The bit of eye candy thay really stands out is the way the canvas is around the fold mechanism of the top frame … Truly eye candy


Well done, Batze!

Clever workaround on these equilibrator protectors- the Trumpy supplied thick PE is PITA to bend(bad experience talking here)!

Good looking gun- I see you modified the rear barrel support, that Trumpy got a bit too long and managed to get the tangled and wrongly engineered PE shield supports working!

The half track is also looking top notch, especially the DIY canvas, with all its natural looking folds and crevices. Nice set of loaded items too!

I think we’ll see more weathering added to both vehicle and gun soon!

Once again-well done!


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Thank you gentlemen for the kind words for my work.
I have now focused on a few figures to fit the model. By the way, there is already an idea for the basis of both models.
Kind regards! :beer: :beer: :beer:

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