12.8cm Sf. L/61 Pz.Sf.V Sturer Emil - Scratch build


I have been ploughing through a lot of Soviet tanks recently and now I am shifting gear to try and move beyond the slapping it together routine.

So Im pushing out my boat and trying this one. I prefer Dicker Max but the suspension is hard to do.

I bought Trumpeters 1:35 kit and I will just multiply everything and blow it up to 1:16.

The interior will be a nightmare but if I mess up I will just slap a lead sheet tarp over the top of it.

I started on the swing arms and just made them from brass and bits of steel rod iinside bits of steel tube and whole lot of silver solder.

A lot of filing and grinding and I got there in the end. My plan is to use Panther road wheels … 100% not correct in terms of the “teeth” on the track but they actually do not look a million miles from the pictures I could find and they will fit some tracks I have.

Then I jumped in the deep end and started on the back end of the gun assembly. There is a lot to do on this and small bits but I roughed out the breech and some of the mount from lumps of aluminium and brass and steel and kind of stuck it all together. Lot more to do with this bit.

After starting the gun I realised this was going to be a very long project so I cannot promise regular or frequent posts but I will post when I have something.



This will be a long journey, I will follow your steps. I see some hard days coming to you, good luck with this project :+1: