120mm French mortar RT F1

Hello !

Here is a side project I started; I needed a pause from painting and wanted to do some assembly. The kit used is quite new, it’s the jgsdf 120mm mortar released by fine molds a couple of days ago. The kit comes with a towing vehicle which will be used in a future project. The mortar used by the japanese is the exact same one as the french army, except for the tires which are different. I already had on hand the resin kit made by cmk, and switched the wheels. The molding quality is exceptional. Sprue gates are placed strategically and pin marks are minimal. You get the option to assemble it in battery configuration or towed. The biggest bummer was that the tube is a two part assembly, which requires extra attention. Because of the cooling grooves, it’s very difficult to hide away the seam line.

The sight is pretty rad…

The kit gives you one unpacked shell and 3 semi-packed one. I already had some 120mm rounds modeled for this project and decided to print them.

I need to CAD a little stool that the gun bunnies use to get at the muzzle height to load the shells, plus a shell holder. More to follow.