12th Panzer SS Counter attack - Normandy - 1/35

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A small team of Panzergrenadieren, supported by a Panzer IV Ausf. H from the 12th WSS is trying to push the Allies back to the beaches. The vehicle is DML and the figures are Evolution and Alpine. The building is a homemade effort made in plaster.



Very nice! Great work on the building!

A homemade effort… It’s superb !!
The whole Dio looks terrific. Sets a very realistic scene, but that building… Wow … It really looks amazing. :+1:

Outstanding work! Especially the building.

Amazing work particularly the building, and the furnitures and fitting inside the house… well, beyond words
Very good, lifelike scene

Hi Gelson,

Excellent build, I especially like the building, the stonework is very realistic, both in form and colour, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


I agree fully with the comments above. Very nice work especially on the building.

thats some great work there very nice indeed thanks for sharing

Awesome scene! Very well done. I like the way it all ties together. My only observation is that the floor on the second story looks a little too thin to support any big weight.


Wow! Great work! I also especially like the building, but of course everything looks great. Thanks for cheering! /Erik

Nice one! The building is awesome and your figure painting outstanding.


Very cool man , nicely done !!

Outstanding work! nicely done!! The scene looks real.
Regards, Omar

Thank you to all of you, guys! :+1:

Yep,I will agree with the above statements and add my own compliments!

wow! that’s a great dio!

Thanks, JRutman and logandavies74 :+1:!