15,5 cm Bandkanon 1

I have always had an interest for the vehicles of the Swedish armed forces from the Cold War. One of the most impressive pieces of kit from this period is the Bandkanon 1, armed with an autoloading 15,5 cm gun, capable of emptying its magazine of 15 rounds in 45 seconds. An impressive amount of fire power!

My model in 1:35 scale of this self propelled gun is fully 3D-printed, and painted to depict a Bandkanon in winter conditions with a whitewash applied to it. For this I used AK Real Colors RC209, RC223, RC306 and RC082. I hope you like it!


Very nice! Great job!

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Impressive model!!!

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amazing job considering it is 3d printed

WOW!! Very impressive!! :heart_eyes:

Excellent! I love these obscure subjects. Is this a 3D printed kit that is available, or did you print it yourself?

Great kit! would love to get a copy of it; however I read on fb that it is not being sold? I had the pleasure to have access to an operating museum piece for detailed pictures and even in action, also the open magazine with a round inside. So I can say, that is an amazing design of SPH anr regarding the fire power a higly effective weapon, represented by a most accurate kit and beautiful weathering. Regaring the giant ammunition rounds: It must have been a hell of work to unload these manually when fire order was changed and there was the wrong sort of propellant charge in. Unlike other SPHs, the propellant is within the cartridge, so the full round must be changed. When loaded, a rack and a crane were used. Unloading was only done manualy.

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Thank you! And an interesting insight regarding the rounds, it didn’t occur to me that they’d have to be unloaded by hand! I imagine a 15,5 cm round like that isn’t exactly lightweight. As you already mentioned, the model is not for sale due to copyright issues.

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A superb looking model of an unusual design. I’d love to see a commercial offering in kit form. I really like the camauflage scheme and the very convincing weathering.

Beautiful job !