16th century Portuguese Navigator 1/10 - Bad Habbit

I finished painting this bust in August of last year.


Very nice job Cap Sky! Great job on the flesh tones and the rest as well.

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Thanks Richard, I pratice a long time for this result.

Coming soon I post my works of the last year.

That is a very colourful bust with some rather skilful work. The grey hair is a nice touch against the bold green of the hat and the red and blue shoulder boards. You’ve managed to give the face a very characterful appearance- in particular the positioning and painting of the eyes matches the tilt of the head. Very realistic burnished metal finish on the breast plate too.

I’ve never come across this bust before- what company or sculptor is it from?

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Hello Karl, great observations, thanks for all.

The bust is made in Brazil, a friend sculp this, if you want a copy I tell for him but the shippment from Brazil to Ireland is expensive.

Do you live in Dublin? In 2014 and 2015 I lived in Dublin for study and improve my english.

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I live a fair distance north of Dublin in County Down- nearest big town is called Newry. How did you like living in Dublin?

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Yes, I loved. to tell you the truth i liked all of ireland, beautiful country, people are very polite and friendly and all history in Ireland is my favorite topic, I am a historian and study your culture it was a pleasure.

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