17 pounder ammo and archer color questions

I am building the Bronco Archer, so far it’s been a fun kit, not as fiddly as I expected. However, the color call outs are basically nonexistent which is frustrating on a tank with so much interior detail. I am wondering if anyone has any schematics of the inside of an archer to help guide painting.

On the 17 pounder ammo included there are also grab handles to help loading, I am curious what color these were. I am thinking they may have been blued steel since they seem disposable or at least something that might get tossed in combat. Though they may have been olive drab.

These are part P56a and P56b below

The Tamiya instructions have a few call outs that might help. They call out those grab handles as XF-1, but the accuracy of that is anyone’s guess. TBH I don’t know how much variation there was inside these things other than 50 shades of OD. Maybe try looking for some Valentine instructions that might call out things like the drivers compartment?

Yeah i too imagine jt was mostly olive drab, don’t want a big white bright target for aircraft! I was more interested in things like the fire control system (black or OD?) drivers controls, etc. Might have to check the Tamiya instructions and use some artistic license.

Thanks for the fallout for the handles

Things like your elevation and traverse wheels might have had brass handles but the wheels them selves were painted steel.

As for fire control, the trigger for the Achilles was just a lanyard from the original 17pdr, was it different for Archer? Driver’s hole might still be original dull silver because it’s fairly well buttoned up.

Maybe go back and watch that Chieftain video again? I know it’s a museum piece, but at least it’s in colour.

His holiness David Fletcher may be of assistance.

Everything is in B&W of course but if you skip ahead to about half way there’s some good interior shots. You can get a good view of the optics and see what looks black vs green. Same with the drivers position.

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Last few in the set are internal. Looks like the inside of the ready racks is white or silver/bare metal