18Bravo’s References

I know these reference sets by 18Bravo have been mentioned before on this thread and the archived thread, but I have to share my experience with you, again.

I sent a PM to Rob asking about what he had available, just out of curiosity. Rob was incredibly quick to respond and sent me a list. I have an MATV in the stash that I would like to get to work on soon. I choose to order the photo files for the MATV. The $16 I spent was incredibly low considering what all I got. First off, it was a very fast, smooth transaction. Second, I received over 550 images covering about every inch of the vehicle! I believe I would be hard pressed to have a question about the MATV and not find an image of the questioned area in all of these files.

Thank you 18Bravo! Keep up the good work!


I agree - his works are the best bargain in modern references, period.


+1 recommendation. Rob’s walk around files are the most comprehensive, best bargain in the hobby. He’s great to deal with, super fast, super friendly, and the amount of reference you get for $16 is just overwhelming. Great resource and great deal from a great guy.

As always, I appreciate the comments.
I’ve got similar walk arounds for almost every modern US vehicle. If anyone is interested please PM for list.