1961 Impala wagon hardtop SS. "Acid Trip"

Body is a old 90s R&R resin Impala wagon with tub. Used the Lindberg SS kit for the rest.

Cut the B and C pillars out, and replaced with the B pillar from the Lindberg kit. to make it a 4 door hardtop. Kustom skirts. used the Lindberg front end of the frame for the engine bay. Used the SS stuff frm the Lindberg kit to make this a SS wagon. Lindberg 409 engine with IceMan’s Air clearer and Value covers. 1 offs. fully plumed and wired engine bay. Bucket seats, LEDs, 15", 40" shifter, speakers, Pumps, Batteries all on the inside. Sitting on old skool cragar’s. Kustoms black and silver mettle flake with wild graphics all over it. And a surf board.


Outstandin draggin waggin :+1:t3:

Dig how you made it a 4-door


Thanks, It was already a 4 door. I just made it into a hard top 4 door.

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Ok got it. You customized the B and C pillars

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Yes, Thats what I did,

What a beauty- that paintjob combined with the various bits of metalwork really suits this car. The interior color compliments it nicely too.

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Thank you both.

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I’m not much of a Custom or Hot Rod type of guy, but your '61 Impala custom wagon is just mind blowing. And your paint job is head turning for sure.

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Thank you very much.


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lol thanks