1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

Hello again fellas!

I would like to take this time to present to you my latest creation.
Just finished this afternoon is this original AMT 1964 Pontiac Bonneville convertible.

As with the last few that I’ve submitted, this model too is filled with various kit swapped, modified and scratch built parts.

Chassis and engine bay originated in the Moebius 1962 Pontiac Ventura kit.
As the Ventura is a shorter wheel base than the Bonneville, the chassis has been stretch about 3 scale inches to fit.
Portions of the exhaust system rear shocks and E-brake lines were scratch built.
The stance was widened, and the front suspension converted into a steerable configuration.
Everything underneath and in the engine bay has been weathered to represent a clean, well maintained, but driven daily automobile of several years of age.

The engine bay was also utilized from the Moebius kit, but most of the engine comes from the Revell '66 GTO.

The intake was converted to a single 4 bbl system using the intake from the Revell '68 Firebird kit, and a Fireball Modelworks AFB carburetor.

All wiring, plumbing, belts and linkages have bee represented, and a removable 3 piece air cleaner assembly has been scratch built, as well as other scratch built items including: engine valley pan, oil filter, wiper motor, coil, starter relay, dip stick, breather cap, heater blower cover and fresh air actuator, transmission linkage, and all engine brackets.
Front frame rails were filled, inner fender detail added, fan blade thinned, etc.

Body alterations include drilled out and replaced headlights and reflectors, replaced door handles and locks, scratch made tail light lenses, thin .007 tinted replacement glass with seals, and scratch made antenna and chrome fuel door and boot snap moldings.

The inside of the windshield opening was configured so as to eliminate the edges of the glass showing by employing a friction fit method with thin glass and realistic looking interior A-pillar covers.

The interchangeable boot and uptop are modified pieces from other kits.
The boot from the Monogram '59 Impala, the uptop from a vintage '62 Buick Electra kit.

The interior was extensively modified, using the floor from the Mobius kit, and modified seats and dash from the original AMT kit.

The interior was cut apart and the door panels completely redone by essentially erasing and replacing all original detail.
The ribbed portion of the panels was replaced with ribbed plastic stock, and all trim, arm rests, window cranks, courtesy lights, ash trays, and rear speaker grille was replaced.

The seats were reworked with the front buckets getting new bases and backs, and chrome seat “buttons” all around.

The dash was also extensively modified.
The ribbed brightwork was replaced, as were the gauge pods, dash knobs and trim.
Added details include: a dash mounted tachometer, vent knobs, e-brake pedal and release handle, and dimmer switch button.
The steering wheel started as the transparent part from the Moebius Pontiac, with added scratch built spoke trim, center hub, and horn ring.

Other interior goodies include: opened defroster vents, scratch made 4-speed shifter and boot, homemade floor mats and sun visors, and an open ash tray, complete with a half smoked cigar. :grin:

Sorry for being so long winded on this.
I know it’s a lot to absorb, but as I didn’t do a WIP on the site, I thought it was worth going through all of the stuff that was done on this project.
After all, it did take me nearly a year and a half to complete!! :crazy_face:

Anyway, here it is for your inspection.
Thank you for your time!


More photos with the uptop.


And, some other details.


Gorgeous build!


Another amazing build and looks like a bit more weathering on this one, well done.

Beautiful Bonneville. Fantastic details.


Your Bonney is perfect Steve @Goofy62, the color combinations are spot on, love the air filter, nice touch! :+1:

Cajun :crocodile:

Another amazing super detailed build. Outstanding paint and finish which really helps the convertible top look that much better. Damn, if it doesn’t look just like the real deal.
Outstanding details everywhere from the engine and engine bay to the bottom of the chassis.


Absolutely gorgeous build here Steve, love it! The paint job is spot on and the interior fabrics look real. Engine bay detailing and underside weathering add to the story, very well done!

Cheers, D