1965 Mustang Fastback

Have done a bit of work, on the Revell '65 Mustang Fastback.

Undercarriage is almost done. Still a few bits, on the front suspension, that needs to be assembled.

The engine is almost done, as well. engine kept in satin black, gloss black and blue. The carb and air filter is just dryfitted. Will have to wait and see what clearance I have once the body is mounted. The filter sits quite high, since it is a solid piece of metal and sits on top of the carb, instead of over.
Not quite pleased with the wiring I have done.

Body was first primed, then base coated in Gravity colors titanium white, before adding several coats of Gravity colors Yamaha bluish pearl.
The bluish tint is not that easy to see though, before the clear coat is added.

Did a little test on a spoon. Not as bluish as I would have liked to see.

Wheels have been painted too. The Chevy Nightfall grey is darker than the images suggest.

Looking good Jesper! I can see a faint Blue in the body colour, it’s always hard to capture the pearls on camera. The wheels look really nice, the grey will be good against the body colour. Very neat paint job on the underside as well. Did you do some dry brushing over the black?

Looking forward to more progress reports.

Cheers, D

Looking real good Jesper. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you for looking in gentlemen, much appreciated.

No, that is actually the primer. I liked the effect, so I decided to let it be as is. The effect is not as prominent in real life though.

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Interesting choice of early Mustang Fastback. The 1968 version is iconic since the Steve McQueen Movie: Bullitt made it the most famous and most expensive street Mustang of all time.

The chassis with engine/trans and exhaust system looks fantastic, as does the top view of the engine. Sure hope that it all fits under the hood as you’ve noted some concern about it.

The White body primer looks smooth as silk. Looking forward to seeing how that Gravity Blue Pearl looks, but as D has said, those types of colors don’t always translate to well over the internet.


Almost done.

The body and chassis have been happily married.

Engine bay almost done, just need to add the air filter.

Tail lights done. Tamiya clear red over Vallejo chrome.

Completely forgot the side view mirror. Hope I can scrape up enough paint for this; the bottle is almost empty. I drilled a 0,4mm hole to add a 0,4 wire, to help me anchor the mirror to the body.

Lovely clean work Jesper, this is looking great!

Cheers, D

Just a super impressive build. And those tail lights really came out looking fantastic.

As far as the paint for the side view mirror goes, worst case scenario is paint it flat Black. Both of my sideview mirrors on my 1970 302 'Stang were flat Black that matched the almost full flat black engine hood I had painted for that just different look.


Great work Jesper. Engine bay looks very sharp and ditto Joel on those tail lights, they really do pop with the red.


Thanks for looking in gentlemen, much appreciated.

That’s an excellent idea Joel, why didn’t I think of that? I have plenty of semi gloss details, to match a black side view mirror.

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