1965 Plymouth Fury Street Machine

Had a little spare time today, so I thought that I’d post up another of my older builds.

This one is an original Johan 1965 Plymouth Fury done in a street machine configuration.

Stock, except for the Torque Thrust wheels, white lettered tires, and the 426 “Super Stock” Max Wedge engine, which was not a stock option in '65.

This model, like the others that I have posted to date, has been quite heavily modified using numerous parts from the Lindberg '64 Plymouth Belvedere kit for the chassis and engine, as well as many modified and scratch made components.

The interior tub was cut apart and modified, most notably by reworking the door panels from a convertible configuration into a hard top one, with all new trim, window cranks, arm rests, etc.

The engine bay was quite heavily modified with a largely scratch built firewall, and features other modified and scratch made pieces, such as torsion hood springs, modified fender wells, radiator bulkhead and hood latch strike plate, scratch made fuel filters, coil, radiator cap, battery cable clamps, dip stick and washer jar.
Engine, firewall and fender well wiring and plumbing has all been added, as well as carburetor linkages.

Carburetors are from Fireball Modelworks.

Body modifications include removal of the fender skirts, the addition of a vinyl top, and other additions and replacements, such as door handles, door locks, and a scratch made antenna.

The color is correct 1965 Plymouth K-Code “Medium Turquoise” from Scale Finishes.

This model has made an appearance in Model Cars Magazine, as well as a cover photo, and has earned several awards in various regional shows.

Hope you all enjoy it.



Your work always looks like the real thing!

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Another outstanding build for sure. Just love the overall finish of paint, Chrome work, and the Vinyl top ( How about doing a how to on it, as the side seams really kick up the presentation even more). The engine pics just jump right out at you as those duel carbs are mind blowing to say the least.
I can easily see how your build did so well in competition as it looks as close to perfect as you can get.


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Excellent job. That’s a beautiful Fury.


You deserve the accolades for your work. I am totally impressed with the quality of your builds. I have the 340 1971 duster kit and am going to make the one I owned. How do you research the choice of cars you want to build? I find exterior and interior shots but none of the undercarriage and suspension. Any recommendations on where to look?

Your work is stunning. Always a pleasure to see.

LOVE this build!! Perfect color and the look is amazing!