1967-1973 IDF infantry figures

Hi. Who makes IDF infantry from the 1973 war? I saw an HD models have 1967. The CK set is 1980’s and I think Verlinden are 1980’s and dragon is also? I don’t have the time or skills to scratch/modify one at this time, although my leisure build self may try that one day.

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Dragon makes a set of Israeli Paratroopers u think, but I’m not sure if they’re from that era. You might have to check out some resin figures.

Verlinden made a bunch of Israeli figures as well but not sure of the time frame.

I think the helmets worn by both the DML & VP figures were introduced in 1982.

Hobby Fan has a few sets from your time period.



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Yeah I thought so Sean, just wasn’t sure. Been a long time since I’ve done any Israeli subjects. One could always swap out heads for correct helmets.

Here’s more:

Last two pics are from Royal Model.

I went back and re-read your post and realized you are looking for Infantry figures; but all my suggestions are tankers. Sorry John !

For infantry check AC Models for their '67 paratrooper figures.
Another option is to make tghem yourself. Shep Paine showed how to do this in his diorama book.
You can asl olook into archive Armorama. Do a search for Ed Okun He was a master of making figures during these periods.