19th Century Diorama

My wife found this and thought I should share it with my fellow modelers.

Good to know that people were crazy before the internet. :bat: :poop: :crazy_face:


Good find. :+1::+1:

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Kind of ironic that it is French, and the characters are frogs! :exploding_head: :joy:
Might also be Kermit’s ancestor (obviously the winner of the duel!).
:smiley: :canada:

It’s probably safe to say that humans have been :bat: :poop: :crazy_face: (best use of emojis award goes to paska) since we climbed (or most likely, fell) out of the trees eons ago.

And, prepared properly, frog legs are delicious. Just sayin’.

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You Should see some of the stuff at the Smithsonion History Museum!. The dios would Knock yer socks off!

Then there are these guys, the Not-so Grateful Dead…A Woodland Scenics product? I think they are OOP.

My sister-in-law actually had some of these.

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