1st Fallshirmjager Div, Cassino 1944

Ok all. Here is my latest figure. It’s 1/35th scale from a Rado miniatures two figure set # 35028, called “The Lions of Cassino”. I used Vallejo’s acrylics for the whole figure. The damaged pillar and barrel are from a company called Armand Bayardi, I don’t if they’re around anymore but they used to make diorama accessories. Bricks are from verlinden, dirt from my yard along with various sizes of rocks from my railroad stash, the binoculars and hand grenades are from a Tamiya set and the decals for the grenades are from peddinghaus. The base was sprayed with Tamiya and given washes from enamels and acrylics and dusted with Mig pigments. Water is from scenic railroad product. Dry brushing was done with oils. Comments welcome.



Thanks very much !

Nicely done Richard. I like the contrast in tones of the figure- the dark overcoat against the brighter tan color of the uniform and helmet- fantastic shading and highlighting too producing a well worn set of clothes. You’ve really pushed the detail of the base too- plenty to see from lovely worn old stonework to the grenades to the old barrel with some liquid- little touches like that are beautiful to see.

Thanks so much Karl I appreciate your comments. Now that I look at it, there is one mistake I didn’t catch at first; I think I put the decals on upside down on the grenades! Ugh

Thats the kind of mistake I would make too :smile:!

Excellent paint work, excellent indeed!

Thanks so much Steve. Means a lot to me given your ability in figure painting.

Hey, Bro, your work speaks for itself, it’s obvious to me. It’s only a matter of more practice, right?

Cheers, Ski.

Thanks again for the kind words. You are so right. I’ve done 3 or 4 figures the last 6 months and I’m improving with each one.

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