2-pin tracks

I haven’t graduated to 2-pin tracks yet. The parts are so small I have to use tweezers and I lose the parts. Any tips on putting these tracks together would be appreciated.

What kit are you referring to? I’ve learned from working on Challenger 2 tracks that my tweezers are a quick way to fling track parts all over my workshop.

A first step could be to abandon those tweezers. Tweezers are essentially springs that you are forcing together which means that more force is used to overcome the tweezers than actually needed to hold the part (piece of track, track pin or something else).
The tweezers also have their hinge a long way from the business end.
This means that the slightest movement will cause a “tweezer launch” catapulting the small part into some unknown part of the universe.

Start using good quality long nose or needle nose pliers instead.
I got myself some made by Xuron and haven’t regretted it. Can also be used to pull small hairs …

I have some Masterclub Metal JS-2 tracks with the resin pins,I have been eyeing them with a little trepidation,will have to report back what works well

Tweezers and a set of magnifying glasses is a must. I have completed a set of cromwell and panzer II tracks from Masterclub. Tiny tracks with tiny pins. I used a shallow plastic bin to assemble them to keep the pins from wandering off.