2 Pirates of the Caribbean

next project on the table, two older figures from Andrea.
build straight from the box, 54 mm, white metal
some small gaps, but the fitting is good for the age of the kits.


Start to paint with a basic flesh colour, depending on the size and purpose of the figures.
using for these the basic flesh tone from Scale 75 colour range, they turn out very mat.

using always several layers of thin paint

Acrylics dry fast, but for great parts I use a dryer to accelerate the process.

for the painting of the face I use Scale 75 artist range

next the other face.


Great choice of figures. Skin and hair looks very nice.

Thanks, painted the second face ad some basecoat on the Bandera


Bringing on some more basecoat to the first, and adding highlights and shadows.


Making very nice progress there Jan.

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bringing on some light and shadow to the basecoat of the trousers and adding the stripes on the trousers.
the stripes are to still a little fine tuning and some highlights.

working on the details, correcting small errors

searching for a colour scheme

ad more colours

Great work on the skin tones! I like it, especially the running figure… so vivid. And the pants with the blue stripes. Wonderful!

Seeing your projects makes me want to start with the figures again. :slight_smile:


Glad you like it, maybe it’s some motivation for others to start or restart painting figures on this forum.