2021 "Black Friday" deals

Andy’s HHQ has some good deals on RFM Panzer IVs as part of their sales.


I’ve enjoyed a lot of his videos when he builds stuff or shows off new kits.

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I only buy from Andy.
Excellent customer service and his knowledge of his inventory and general model building is fantastic.
It helps I live 30 minutes from his retail store. :slight_smile:


Most “Black Friday” deals are found on the vendor’s Facebook Homepage.

Facebook now requires viewers to log in to see even the Homepage. Thus, best to go to the actual vendor’s website or Twitter account (if they have one) to see if there are any Holiday sales.

It’s true…many private vendors only have one or two sales a year and the Holidays are the time where modelers can save 20% up to 50% off on kits, tools, brushes, and supplies. Some vendors only have a sale for the “Black Friday” weekend whereas others stretch their sale into January…so don’t miss out if you really want or need something and it’s on sale.

And if the vendor is out-of-stock, sometimes emailing the vendor will give you the Holiday discount until stock is replenished.

I already have my order in and Andy shipped the next day! :grin: :+1:

I have used Andy twice. Once for the Diopark Vespa for Tank Destroyer campaign idea @Klaus-Adler loves so much. :joy:

The other time, still on going. Ordered 11/7, emailed about the status 11/20 and shipped 11/22.
Andy responded to my email and first shipping day had a tracking number for delivery 11/26. Not sure of the problem but the customer service was good.

Also FYI…“Black Friday” to “Cyber Monday” is often the best time to buy kits on sale because some vendors take Christmas off for one or two weeks so they don’t ship around Christmas time and thus don’t offer any sales. These vendors won’t return until the New Year.

Spruebrothers, 10% off $50.00 until 12/26


If you get on the email list of some of these vendors, many offer weekend sale deals of 10-20% off so that one doesn’t have to wait for the Holidays for a sale.

Also, some vendors offer Free Shipping for a certain amount spent.

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