2021 IPMS/USA National Convention is Las Vegas

I’m going, leaving SoCal on Monday.

Hope you guys don’t mind me doing a bit of bragging. Our combined AMPS IPMS group did well at Nationals… We were entered in several aircraft categories (1/48 single engine prop) several armor categories (1/72 and 1/35) two auto categories, and figures/busts. Our lone aircraft entrant came away with 3 1st and 1 2nd. Our 1/72 armor guy also did exceptionally well with 3 1st and 1 3rd. Including on in the scratchbuilt/conversion category. In 1/35 I received a 1st and our car and figures entrants each came away with a 3rd.

Here’s my winning entry along with the award.

The specific category was non NATO/Warsaw Pact/Russian by markings. Posted this build a while back. It’s a MiniArt kit of Polish production T55A used by the Iraqi’s and subsequently captured and used by the Iranians during their war with Iraq.

Thanks for looking and letting me brag a bit.

Anybody else go and have anything to show. Would love to see your builds.


Congratulations on the award and your clubs good showing.

Courtesy of Andy’s Hobby HQ…36 minutes runtime. :grinning:


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Three of my entries appear in Andy’s video, including my winning entry.

What mark in the video? Any photos you can post?