2022 IPMS Nationals

This will be kind of like when you look up a kebab recipe online - you don’t get to see the list of ingredients right away. No, first you have to suffer through the family’s history, how they came here from the old country and made their way in through Canada, how wonderful grandma’s cooking was and how the aroma just brought you back to when you were a kid. Then there’s a history of lamb and where to buy it - you can settle for purchasing it at Sam’s but it’s sooo much more authentic if you buy it at a halal market. By the time you get to the actual recipe you’re too tired to cook and up ordering out. Sound familiar?

So the adventure started yesterday - a ten hour drive from Texas with a three and a half hour diversion to Stillwater, OK to visit my wife’s friend. Mexican at Mona’s Cafe. As usual I had plate envy - my dish gets three out of five, but my wife’s gets five out of five. Still, I think our version of Chorizo hash is better. Then a stop at Tractor Supply to purchase snacks for the remainder of the trip. Originally was proud of myself for not bringing any, but it’s a long ride…
Good music a must. Wife’s play list available upon request. Anyone ever notice that almost anything by Aerosmith can be used as a strip club anthem?

Stop in Lincoln by early evening for food. Fresh brussels sprouts, rib eyes, shrimp…

Arrive at cabin. I invited another member on this site and his wife for Saturday, but sadly he could not make it.
Three bed rooms - s shame to let them go to waste.

Platte River in the background:

Dinner went well. Wife prepares vegetables -

And then I grill onions, brussels sprouts, rib eyes and shrimp:

We’ll need energy for all the walking we plan to do at the show.

Planned activities for the weekend include but are not limited to the show, a visit to the Union Station Museum, the Dyson Castle, and the Montz Motorcycle Museum.

More to follow.


Nice digs ! Went to Nats in South Carolina with my bro in law a few years back - our lodging wasn’t anything like that !

all looks and sounds good … enjoy :+1:

Nice blog you have going here. Made it to the last two Nats but am missing this one. Moving a kid from Philly to home this week then home to Saratoga Springs, NY. in two weeks.

The first thing I like to hit is the vendor rooms. No disappointment here.


Tough to be disappointed with all those kits beckoning. I can almost smell all that plastic.

The smell of plastic and ribeyes yes !

Our group has a tradition of dinner on Saturday at a local Brazilian steak house. Flame cooked beef and plastic. Not much more a man could ask for. Well, except for maybe nubile women.

I brought my own.


Livin’ large. :+1: :+1:

I always am a fan of biplanes.




Triplanes are cool too.


Some nice choppers:

The Mi-10 is particular well done when you consider this is from VEB Plasticart. I bought the same kit in East Berlin around 1984 and still have it on the stash. I never dreamed it would build up this nicely


My bother in law’s wife is from Nebraska. She claims this is one of the best burger joints in Nebraska. Time to test out that theory.


more helicopters and sci-fi stuff please, i appreciate you posting this for everyone who can’t travel at the moment.


I feel sorry for Nebraska if that is the case. Five Guys, In and Out etc is much better imho.

@18bravo you’ve not given the pictures enough time to upload mate