2023 For Sale and Trade List. New Year--New List

Lots of new items being listed here.
I’m on a bit of an Artillery kick lately and I am seeking the following kits:

AFV Club:
M109A6 Paladin
M109A2 Doher*
Propellant Containers #35299
155mm shells M1122 & M454
155mm PKG shells
1555mm M982 Excalibur shells
M54 “Eve of Destruction”*

M109A2 Rochev/Doher

M109A7 Paladin*

Hobby Fan:
M56 Scorpion*
Aussie M113 crew*
IDF M113 crew Yom Kippur*

I’m willing to throw in a little extra for the items with the * above.

So here is what I’m offering:

Russians, $10
Miniart US Tankers, $10
Kirin Recoilless Crew, $30
Kirin Full Metal Jacket, $40
Jaguar, $20
Hobby Fan, gun truck crew, $25
Warriors, M113 crew (1 full, 1 bust), $10
First Legion, US Soldier Vietnam $9
SOL Vietnam, $

Hobby Fan, US Mechanized Infantry Vietnam, 4 figures, no box, $25
Verlinden US Artillery Crew, $8
Verlinden German Artillery Crew, $8
Verlinden IDF Tanker 1970s, $10
Belgo Vietnam Soldiers, $10 (2 metal figure and resin bodybag, recreate the famous photo)
Legend, Three Fighting Men, $10 (Vietnam Memorial)
Coree, $5 (ONLY the figure with the M16 and the base)

Custom Diorami Outhouse, $10
Mec Models Vietnamese Graves, $20
Kirin Sampan, $45
Plus Model, Field washing station, $15
Unknown, shower, $5
Meng, resin concrete walls, $10
Asuka US Jerry Cans, $15
Tank M60 with Tripod, $3
Tank Workshop munitions boxes, $5

AFV Club Ammo cans, boxed, $10
Tamiya Modern Accessory Set, $9 (have several
Tamiya Modern Accessory Set, $9 bagged with box art.
Verlinden Fuel Drums, $10 bagged with box art.
Archer 105mm crate stencils, $30 for all.
AFV Club Ammo Cans, bagged, $9 (have several)

Firestorm, Vietnam Centurion Mine exploder, $
Verlinden Ammo Trailers, $25 each pending
Legend Bradley ERA, no box, $10
AFV Club, M41 mantlet and tracks, $5
Verlinden IDF M113 fuel cells, two sets in the box, $8

Green Onion Tent, (there are two in the box) $25 each or both for $40.
Aoshima turret truck 1/32, $20

Verlinden Soviet Dry transfers, $5
Accurate Armour, BMP wheels, $5

Tamiya C-Rations, $4
Vietnam decals, $4
Real Model C-Rations, $4
Verlinden Vietnam markings, $10
Verlinden Military boxes, $4
Verlinden Flags (dry transfers), $4

Dragon IDF Jeep, $22

Dragon M51 IDF Sherman, $10 (some loose parts inside, PM for details)

M113 with Legend Stowage and sandbag floor, $35

M730A1 Chaparral, $40

Verlinden V100/M706 Combo w/ extras, $35

Soviet/Afghanistan Lot, $15

Dragon, Delta Force Somalia, two for $10 (one sealed, one open w/loose leg)
Dragon, LAPD SWAT (sealed), $15
Dragon, MP5s (sealed), $10

Dragon, #6046 Florian Geyer, $9
Dragon, PE parts for Kubelwagen Workshop, $8
Miscellaneous German Figure lot, Dragon, ICM, Tamiya, $10
—take all the the German stuff for $20—

Miniart Building only, $5 (box now has a hole on the front)

1/32 PSP Base, $35—PENDING—

1/48 UH-1C Huey Combo, $30

1/48 Tamiya German Lot, $25

Trumpeter Intruder and Corsair, 1/350, $7 for both

Not Pictured:
BMP-2E combo, resin interior, Armour Track Models tracks and resin wheels, $50
(prior owner had tacked turret half together, can be undone, will toss in some Dragon Figures and some other stuff).
ET Models Leclerc PE set, $12
Dragon M16 set, $10
Tamiya PBR, $35 (opened bags)

Thanks for looking!

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Hi Eben,
These seem really easy to CAD and 3D print. Let me know if you get no luck getting the AFV Club kits and want me to make some.
They’re basically different sizes of cylinders put together. Quite simple once you have the measurements.

Kind regards,

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