29th Infantry Div. Omaha Beach New Sets from Jeff Shiu | Armorama™

New 120mm scale figures are available from Jeff Shiu Miniatures, a continuation of Omaha Beach theme.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/29th-infantry-div--omaha-beach-new-sets-from-jeff-shiu

Should add a medic tending to a wounded GI. Kind of like Doc Wade during the opening scenes on “Saving Private Ryan”.


Surface texture on man kneeling with Bangalore is very rough.
Helmet profiles on a few need refinement.
At this large scale I would have expected more finesse.

I agree.

Though I must commend the sculptor for his efforts, I can’t say I’m impressed with these. Aside from a few anatomical issues, I see quite a few problems with the uniforms and gear, not the least of which is the shape of the M1 helmets.


Poor guy in the first picture must have a broken foot at the angle it is bent.


Yeah I thought that looked a bit odd

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Very flexible infantryman!