2ndPolish Corps. "Koziatyn"

1st Sqn, Carpathian Lancers. 1945. I can only find 1 photo of her. Suppose to be a Sherman I (M4). I am trying to figure out her history to build the kit accurately (close , at least) As far as I know most 2nd Corps Shermans were Sherman III, V, or Ics. The photo shows cast trans cover, applique armor on the hull, pressed road wheels. Tracks are T48s (Not common on UK or MTO tanks , I believe. ) I’m thinking it might be a remanufactured one (training tanks, etc, rebuilt to fill Lend Lease demands after production was switched to 76mm gunned tanks in 44(?) ) If so, would the turret be a latter production one with no add on armor on it and/ or loaders hatch? I’mthinking color would be US OD. Any thoughts?


I can see the T number, but cant read it . Also, is it me or does it look like it has the older gun mantel?

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Small mantlet and straight return roller arms - this isn’t a rebuild. This is an original M4. A survivor.

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It appears to have welded driver and co-drivers hoods and a type of antenna mount used on M4A2 tanks produced by Fisher. The early one piece cast trans cover was also used by Fisher throughout their production run of small hatch 75mm tanks. The applique armor visible on the co-driver side of the hull, might mean that it has a full set including on the turret if it’s an early one. Pretty much looks like an as built Fisher M4A2 rather than a rebuild of some kind.
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This picture is in the book I have on Polish shermans Polskiy Shermany vol 2. According to their caption they claim that the WD # is T 152332, the name and regimental insignia are yellow, the WD number and squadron diamon are white. They also claim that it is an early production Sherman Mk III Command Tank.

And what is that bush on the mantlet - is that some kind of merkin?



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Well, :poop:! Under the assumption (YES… I know! :confounded:) it was a Sherman I I got the Tamiya 1/48 kit. Back to the drawing board, I guess.