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Hi guys, this is my first post here, so I’ll do quick introduction about myself:
I’m Jacob, I’m 22 civil engineering student from Poland and I’ve been in this hobby for about 6-7 years with couple of breaks. This is my third or fourth attempt to go back to this hobby and I’m motivating myself by posting here.
So I’ve started building russian SPH “Msta” from HobbyBoss about five weeks ago. Build itself is straight forward. Couple parts, tracks and wheels molded as one piece, but everything have nice details.
I primed the model using AK 175 Grey Primer - I’m having tonne of problems with that one from clogging the airbrush to strugles with correct dilution. So I will probably go back to Mr. Surfacer .
Then I tried to try distressing method described by NightShift Model on Youtube, but also I had major struggle here.Firstly I sprayed the Msta with 4BO colour from Mr. Color H series , then I applied ordinary hairspray (which merged with 4BO) and some darker tone of 4BO. Even seconds after applying darker tone I had struggle with chipping it( paint didn’t want to come off or It did…to bare plastic, in other words pure chaos). I dont know what is the problem here. Using hairspray or thickness of layers of paint? I will buy proper chipping fluid and I will try again this method on another model, but lesson learnt i think. I will try to fix it by just apllying highlights.


Hello again, I’ve managed to put some decals on the turret and some chips on the lower hull of the vehicle. Also I’ve added colour variations using Valejjo and AK paints.

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Hello again!
Today I put some AK wash on entire model. I’ve added chips to the turret and gun.
Following NightShift’s video about T-90 I’m trying to aproach tank trakcs from diffrent angle, so I’ve added “pre-mudding” onto them using AK mud product made for dioramas.