2S7 Russian

Given that the 2S7 chassis was based off the T-80; can I use T-80 tracks for the vehicle?
Spade ace made a dedicated set but can’t seem to find it anywhere hence
Also, trying to see if there is a metal gun in stock somewhere; so far no luck

Yes, same tracks but unless you find a set specific to it doubtful they’d be long enough. Kit tracks giving you trouble ?

One issue (there could be more that I do not know about) is that Trumpeter committed the sin of
molding the connectors (2 x end & 1 x centre) to one of the track links.
This works fine for straight runs but NOT for bends.
If two adjacent track links are angled 20 degrees in relation to each other then
the connectors shall be angled 10 degrees to each track link, halving the angle
between the links.

Red = angle of the track link
Blue = angle of the connector
If the connectors are molded to one of the links it will be a
tedious job to cut them off and then glue them back in the needed angle.
With metal links the connectors can be forced, force can SOMETIMES work
also on plastic links but it can also end up with an ugly squashed connector.

Double pin track links need to have separate connectors.
Single pin is a lot easier for the model maker and model builder …

True , although the angulation of the end connectors is slight enough that the plastic ones can likely be coaxed into position without breaking.

Try it, you might like it …
:grin: :wink:

With end connector tracks like these, I cut the connector off the track, drill out the track pin almost to the outside end and then insert a metal pin to reassemble the link.

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I prefer metal tracks for added realism