3 Shermans in the PTO: «Caesar», «El Toro» & «Davy Jones»

Hi Guys

I recently finished my „Three Shermans in the PTO“ - Caesar (Tinian, 1944), El Toro (Guam, 1944) & Davy Jones (Iwo Jima, 1945) in 1:35 scale – here are a few pictures.

I used the newer Zvezda Kit (for Caesar), the older Dragon Tarawa kit (for El toro) and the Italeri USMC Sherman kit for Davy Jones. Individual tracks for Caesar plus duck bills for Davy Jones from Bronco, plus a bunch of aftermarket stuff for all three of them. Some minor scratchbuilding was done on Davy Jones. Decals via Toro Decals. They were painted with Mig’s Ammo colours, weathering was done with oils (Abteilung 502) and pigments (Vallejo/AK Interactive).

…looking forward to your feedback!


That’s a good looking trio of USMC Sherman’s. It is interesting to see side by side the progression of the additional defensive fittings that were put on to the tanks during the course of the Central Pacific campaign.

Welcome aboard, that’s a strong showing with 3 good looking Marine Sherman’s. :+1:

All 3 very well done. Davy Jones is my favorite with El Toro a close 2nd. Nice restrained weathering :+1: :+1: :+1: on all 3.

Welcome to Armorama! Excellent Shermans! Beautiful detailing and weathering.

Thanks, guys!

just beautiful builds Sir! Now you do know you have a couple more Shermans to gloss over the PTO? Okwinawa and Peleue (both spelled wrong of course).

Really liked the way the nails on the turret came out. What did you use?

Stunning builds! Welcome aboard as well!

Thank you! I know there’s some unfinished business when it comes to Shermans in the pacific – but I’m going to take a break from them for now, haha.

For the nails I ended up using stretched sprue. I tried other methods but settled for this one after all. In case you want to check out an alternate approach (and in 1:72, mind you): On Instagram, Andreia Rodrigues did it by using copper wire and drilling holes (!!!)…

Posting a screenshot here just as a reference:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-08 um 08.25.11

Excellent work! Glad to see there are more people dealing with Davy Jones issues - i am currently working on mine, and here were some WIP pics regarding istalation of nails:

a difficult task!

Yes, it’s tedious, that’s for sure. Yours look great though, I have to say.

Btw – the question of sand/earth colors on Iwo Jima was also on my mind. I opted for three different pigments mixtures for the lower half in the end; concentrating the darkest one on tracks and the lowest parts of the hull. The result came out quite good I think.

My Uncle Cliff was in the first wave on Iwo Jima, and he always spoke of black sand everywhere. Even inland.