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New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1:35 scale #35341 Stug III Ausf. G May-June 1943 Alkett Prod.

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What? A new StuG? Why, there hasn’t been a new StuG in about 4 minutes. Seriously, I know this will sell like crazy, and it looks fantastic, but I’m getting a bit tired of the same vehicles being kitted over and over. MiniArt has released some very fine models of non-StuGs, so they get a pass.


I feel like Miniart is really cornering the market on specific versions of the vehicle they choose to produce; their Panzer IVs for example. Nice to have different production versions to build as well as different variants.


They and maximizing the use of their molds. A few more parts here or less there and you have different versions of the same vehicle. It would be interesting to ask how many modelers are looking for this specific vehicle?

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To this German Armor neophyte it looks like a Stug III without zimmerit. A big plus for me.


For the haters & would be haters of the plethora of newly released German WW2 AFV kits this year: I’m looking forward to a MiniArt Panther & Tiger 1 some day :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:

Good High Risk, High Reward Choice! by Mini-Art

May - June 1943 Alkett, production vehicle will be popular. MiniArt Stug III’s seem pretty well loved amongst the Stug-a-holics & Stug-afllicted. It’s definitely a Golden Age of model kits.

However, if a wingnut is half a millimeter off there could be back lash as the Experten & Aficionados take Alkett production extra serious. Likely none of the biggest name kit manufacturers have touched this version for that reason.

I applaud Mini-Art’s enthusiasm & confidence despite having no interest in their complex & fiddly kits.


I can’t speak for the StuG III, but regarding the Panzer IV series:

When you read something like Ausf G Vomag May 1943 production it seems like a rivet counters’ dream come true. But we’re not quite there yet. In most cases you can build the version advertised, but the instructions won’t tell you which options are correct and which would be more appropriate for a different time bracket and/or manufacturer. Even then small errors crept in, like inappropriate turret schürzen brackets or other small stuff.

The kits have lots to offer, but they won’t spare you intense research if you care about such minute details.


Is this the version with the manufacturing error in the cupola? I mean Alkett’s error, not MiniArts! :grinning:

On the StuG III there exists excellent documentation: the two tomes by History Facts (Peter Müller and Wolfgang Zimmermann) if they’re still available. To me this beats everything I know on German WWII armor. If have both of these in German, but sadly not a single kit yet.

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Passed on the Stug-Life, so haven’t the slightest idea. Definitely interested in hearing more about it. That’s a very interesting detail.

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My bad: it was MIAG who messed this up, not Alkett. Panzermeister36 mentioned this in his build of an early StuG III Ausf G (MIAG) from Takom:

Panzermeister’s “Definitive Review” of TAKOM StuG III Ausf.G Early Production (BLITZ line #8004)

If the timestamp doesn’t work: it’s around the 29:55 mark.

The aforementioned books confirm him on this, BTW.