35414 SD.KFZ.234/2 PUMA with FULL INTERIOR | Armorama™

I’m building the RFM as we speak and I disagree with you. Miniart kits are no joy to build and this kit is. I replaced the kit tires with their 3D versions but the rubber tires do look nice if you don’t want to spend the money.
I don’t care about an interior that barely can be seen.
And the price? Much cheaper from Andy’s presale than miniarts will ever be.
I bet that most people who buy the miniart version will never build it.


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That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! A+++

What’s great is the market for hobby kits is strong and supports a variety of choices. Much of preference depends on what the modeler wants out of a kit.

If you or someone likes MiniArt or is even a MA fanboi that’s cool! We all have our preferences. Ryefield & Tamiya fan here, I like painting 10x more than building. What’s fantastic is we have so many PUMA kits, we can select what we like best in a kit.

I buy a fair number of AFV kits, probably ~15 to 25 a year, yet MiniArt is never a contender for any purchase. I started a MiniArt kit and hated everything about building it.

Gave away the half dozen MiniArt kits I’d purchased accordingly, haven’t and won’t buy anymore MA’s due to:

  1. Design
  2. Soft plastic
  3. Fragile suspensions
  4. Excessive part counts
  5. Plethora of small parts



I was thinking it a simple straightforward build for those amongst us who can do without detailed analysis. Each to their own I guess

On the contrary, we all care enough on here to help those who struggle - even if they are trolls! Just calm yourself down and stop being so confrontational.

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Always happy to provide analysis.

Generally, folks have a good attitude and disposition on the forum.

  1. Take your own advice so quickly given to Heavy Arty. His opinions on the topic are just as valuable as your own or anyone else’s.


What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  1. If you dislike like what certain folks say or have a gripe with someone for whatever reason, there’s an ignore feature.

Cheers :beers:


Then if you don’t mind I will test it on you

I have drawn the same conclusion - congratulations! you are now ignored lol

Waaay too small of a vehicle with an interior for my skills,I built the Dragon some years ago,still have it on my shelf,one of my favorites.

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